Calisthenics Workout Plan

Have you ever dreamt of achieving the perfect body shape, strength and stamina but you do not have the resources to purchase the necessary exercise equipment currently in the market? If your answer is in the affirmative then you might be interested to find out about the little well known workout program referred to as calisthenics. Although calisthenics workout plan has available for centuries, it has never received the kind of attention other types of workout routines have achieved. It is now turning out to be one of the safest and most effective ways for both men and women to achieve desired fitness goals.

What Is Calisthenics Workout ?

Calisthenics are a unique form of workout consisting of a variety of gross motor movements, usually rhythmical in nature and that do not use any exercise equipment or apparatus. In other words, they use the trainer’s own body weight for training. This way, calisthenics differ from the other well know high-intensity anaerobic routines such as P90X and CrossFit. This also means they are much safer because they lack hazardous exercise equipment and apparatus.

Trainers use calisthenics workout plan to improve their body strength, flexibility and body fitness via movements such as pushing or pulling themselves up, swinging, jumping, or bending using their own body weight. This in essence means that training can take place anywhere as long as there is space to perform the movements. This is one of the most important benefits of this workout method compared to the other methods.

Who Uses Calisthenics Workout ?

Previously, calisthenics workout routine was used mainly by sports teams and military units often directed by a leader. Nevertheless, many individuals are currently opting for this form of exercise because of the many benefits it offers over other methods. In fact, calisthenics is appropriate for anyone who wants to rip muscular and anaerobic conditioning as well as improved psychomotor skills such as agility, balance and coordination. It can even be performed by school-going children during physical education lessons.

What Is The Best Calisthenics Workout Plan ? 

There are many types of calisthenics exercises and it is upon the person performing them to blend them in order to achieve the best outcomes. The different types of moves include stretches, lunges, jumping jacks, squat jumps, sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, squats, pull-ups, calf- raises, hyper-extensions, dips, leg raises and planks among others. As a beginner, these exercises may sound strange or even confusing but certain calisthenics experts have formulated the best calisthenics workout plan for newbies.


One such plan is the Bar Brothers 6 month calisthenics workout plan. The plan requires the trainer to be able to perform 5 push-ups, 5-pull ups/chin ups, 5 squats, and 5-dips. There is no worry even if you are not familiar with these as the plan provides its users with a free eBook containing thorough description with a quarter an hour absolute beginner full body workout and how to perform them. Even if you do not have the strength to perform them, the plan gives you adequate resources to acquire the necessary strength to start you off.

In the six month beginners calisthenics workout, each of the months deals with different aspects of body training. The first month involves full body workout plan performed three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). This routine works on the big muscle groups including back, chest, legs, arms and the abs. You will be provided with information on how to perform each of the exercises.

The second month exercises are aimed at developing the upper body strength. The third month will teach you how to combine workouts to reach a new level of intensity. The fourth month involves workouts termed muscle up hunt designed to progress you to the most important step toward the Bar Brother requirements. The fifth month is dabbed muscle up progression to get your very first clean muscle up and it builds on the workouts of the previous months. The last month is the Bar Brother Beginner Challenge to help you set base for the official challenge.

Final Word

In case you have been among the many people who have heard about calisthenics and you desire to achieve the level of fitness you admire then you should turn your attention to the Bar brother system. This is perhaps the most effective calisthenics workout plan currently in the market. It offers the easiest, safest and the most effective way to achieve full body strength, balance, agility and psychomotor skills without having to spend several thousands of dollars in gym equipment or gym membership.

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